NXT-Cloud® GPO Central Bill

GPO Central Bill enables GPOs to band member companies together and sell products as an integrated distribution/fulfillment network to large national account customers. The software supports the electronic collection, validation, consolidation, and forwarding of central bill invoices to your customers. The application also supports the auto-routing of orders to individual members based upon preset buyer-seller relationships.

Invoice Data Compliance - GPO Central Bill integrates with the GPO Data Compliance module to subject member invoices against a series of data element compliance checks. Individual invoice data fields can be checked against a pre-defined set of acceptable norms, alerts auto-generated and forwarded via e-mail when a non-compliance data value is encountered, and invoices auto-corrected when a pre-defined error cases is identified (i.e. Invoice line item price is greater than the GPO national account contract price).

GPO Cental Bill Key Functionality

  • Invoice Mandatory Data Element Check
  • Invoice P/N & Description Normalization
  • P/N Price Enforcement w/ Auto-correct
  • Central Billing Invoice Consolidation
  • Non-compliance E-Mail Alerts
  • Order Fulfillment Auto-routing
  • Central Bill Doc. Mgt Interface
  • Data Export to .CSV Format
  • Optional - GPO Next Day Pay

Real-time Validation & Auto-Correction

A major challenge for many GPOs that sell/fulfill products nationally as a group, is part number & description standardization and contractual price enforcement. Member-submitted invoice data is not always consistent and needs to be validated and corrected, prior to invoice consolidation and forwarding for payment.

NEXTStep’s GPO Central Bill software can ensure that your customer-required data is populated, part numbers & product descriptions are standardized, pricing does not exceed the national contract price, invoices totals are calculated correctly. The self healing data validation and correction process is performed at the time the invoice is received.

  NXT-Cloud® GPO Central Bill is used by the top HVACR Coop Wholesale Distributor in the country. GPO Central Bill is used to manage the central billing process for over twenty of their largest strategic account customers.