NXT-Cloud® GPO Dashboard

GPO Dashboard provides online business intelligence functionality tailored specifically for GPOs and their members. In the GPO market, the need for accurate and timely member purchasing data is key to a GPO manager’s ability to maximize loyalty program rebates and incentives available to their member companies.

Grow Rebates - The cost for missing the next rebate tier or failing to achieve a growth target, can result in thousands of dollars in lost rebate earnings. GPO Dashboard addresses this challenge, presenting GPO data in big picture fashion; i.e. visualization charts, graphs, etc., so that performance metrics can be easily assessed and drilled-down for further detail, as needed.

GPO Dashboard Key Functionality

  • 24/7 On Demand Information Access
  • Customizable Layouts & Controls
  • Data Rollup and Drill-down
  • Configurable Data Access Levels
  • Integrates w/ GPO Data Warehouse
  • Bar, Pie, Radar, Hybrid Charts
  • Geographic & Organization Filters
  • Year-over-Year Comparison
  • Target Goal Setting w/ Email Alerts

Proactive vs. Reactive Program Management

 Maximize Rebates - The ability to display your group’s critical business metrics, performance goals, etc., can greatly improve a GPOs ability to maximize supplier loyalty program rebates and other available incentives. Many GPOs have to wait for the supplier’s quarterly statement to see if their group has met a rebate tier or growth threshold, providing little, if any, recourse to recapture missed opportunities.

 Proactive Program Management - The GPO Dashboard empowers GPOs to track individual and group-wide company performance against goals. Therefore, purchasing performance on a particular supplier program can be proactively influenced, well before an approaching deadline. Our GPO clients in the Food Services, Industrial Packaging, and Janitorial & Sanitary utilize the GPO Dashboard to support their rebates program analytics & reporting requirements.