NXT-Cloud® GPO Draft Cart

GPO Draft Cart enables GPOs to conduct e-business with customers requiring trading partner integration to their Ariba ePro® Procurement platform. The solution supports the B2B exchange and online generation of cXML-compliant order quotes, purchase orders, and invoices.

Intelligent Order Auto-routing - GPO Draft Cart supports intelligent auto-routing of customer orders to the best fit fulfillment member, based upon a set of predefined fulfillment criteria; i.e. geographic proximity, item availability, etc.

Ariba® PunchOut - GPO Draft Cart also supports Ariba PunchOut allowing customers to punch out directly to your company webstore and purchase products online via their ePro procurement platform.

GPO Draft Cart Key Functionality

  • B2B Document Exchange w/ Ariba ePro
  • Turnkey Ariba PunchOut
  • Draft Cart Document Management
  • cXML Quote, Order, Invoice Generation
  • Rule-based Order Auto-Routing
  • Draft Cart Sales Analysis & Reporting

B2B Document Exchange with Ariba ePro® Customers

  Implementing GPO Draft Cart can help your members receive additional value from their GPO membership; providing the necessary technology and services to conduct business individually or as a group with Ariba ePro® customers. The solution may also be enhanced for central billing & payment, invoice validation with auto-correction, by adding additional functionality from other NXT-Cloud® modules. NEXTStep has successfully deployed GPO Draft Cart for clients serving the Heavy Duty Truck Parts industry.