NXT-Cloud® GPO Data Compliance

GPO Data Compliance can ensure member-submitted invoices are in compliance with your customer’s billing requirements. GPO-managed Fulfillment Networks are faced with the challenge of having to manually correct incomplete, inconsistent, non-compliant priced invoices received from their members prior to submittal to customer for payment. GPO Data Compliance applies custom data validation checks at the time the invoice is received, automatically generating a failure alert to the originating sender for corrective action.

Self-healing Software - However, certain pre-defined failure types can be identified in real-time upon receipt and automatically corrected self-healed by the software, eliminating the need for manual correction by GPO headquarters or the member. Significant time and money can be saved for your GPO, as well as providing more accurate and consistent billing invoices to your customers.

GPO Data Compliance Key Functionality

  • Real-time Invoice Data Validation
  • Missing Data Element Auto-populate
  • Part Number Lookup w/ Auto-correct
  • Item Description Standardization
  • Contract Price Lookup w/ Auto-correct
  • Invoice Total Calculation w/ Auto-correct
  • E-Mail Alerts w/ Corrective Action Message
  • Custom Validation/Correction Rules
  • Integrates w/ GPO Central Bill

Validation, Normalization, and Auto-correction

  Accurate Billing - A major challenge for many GPOs that sell products nationally as a group, is their ability to bill their customers accurately, consistently, and in compliance with their specific billing requirements. For example, customers expect GPO invoices to be populated with their part numbers (not an individual member’s in-house or alias part number), a standard product description, contact-compliant pricing, and more.

  Invoice Auto-correction - Managing invoice compliance when dealing with independent-owner members can be a real challenge and costly endeavor for your GPO. NXT-Cloud® GPO Data Compliance is designed to auto-correct recurring errors and inconsistencies, typically experienced on GPO member-submitted invoices. NEXTStep will work with you to tailor the auto-correction and standardization business rules as needed, to meet your customer’s specific billing compliance requirements.

Integrates w/ GPO Central Bill & Draft Cart

  GPO Data Compliance is a key feature offered with GPO Central Bill and the GPO Draft Cart modules. The functionality of these modules is greatly enhanced through GPO Data Compliance, supporting data validation and auto-correction of quotes, purchase orders, and invoice documents.

  Additionally, the compliance functionality can be added to the GPO B2B Exchange Webforms, ensuring customer-mandated part numbers, item pricing, item unit of measure, and item descriptions are in compliance. GPO Data Compliance is extensively used today in the HVAC and Heavy Duty Truck Parts industries.