NXT-Cloud® GPO Merchant

GPO Merchant is a B2B/B2C webstore platform that can be deployed by an individual member company to market and sell products online to their key customers and anonymous website visitors. GPO Merchant features robust content management, intuitive site navigation, detailed product descriptions, on-account and credit card payment, integration with Google® Analytics, and more.

Member Online Store - Providing tools to help increase an individual GPO member’s sales can lead to increases in your preferred supplier program purchases; resulting in greater supplier rebates and incentives.

Top Line Sales Growth - Increasing a member's top line sales provides a real and measurable increased membership value. Increase GPO membership count and reduce member defections with GPO Merchant.

GPO Merchant Key Functionality

  • Member-branded Webstore
  • Product Category Tree & Product Search
  • Robust Product Descriptions & Attributes
  • Static or Real-time Pricing & Availability
  • Catalog Content Import Templates
  • Popular Items, Cross-sell, Coupons
  • Shopping Cart & Configurable Checkout
  • Order Pad Express & Order Form Input
  • On-Account and Credit Card Payment

New Online Sales Channel

  An online webstore capability is becoming a mandatory prerequisite for doing business with today’s technology-savvy customers. Help your members establish a new online sales channel and never lose business again due to an absent online sales presence.


Product Content Sharing

 GPOs that have deployed an instance of the NXT-Cloud® GPO Marketplace, have the unique opportunity to share product content information with their members through a GPO Product Content Subscription. What better way to help kick start a member company's webstore, than to provide immediate access to the product descriptions, images, specification, etc. that have already populated onto your GPO’s Marketplace website. The gathering and preparation of product content can be very time consuming and a major webstore catalog expense for the individual GPO member. Through a subscription revenue-sharing agreement between GPO headquarters and NEXTStep, a member’s webstore can be rapidly populated and made live with robust product content, saving money and time.