NXT-Cloud® Training Services

NXT-Cloud® Training offers professional training services at you facility or remotely via GoToMeeting®, to better familiarize your members and preferred suppliers with the key features and functions of the NXT-Cloud® GPO Commerce Suite platform. Providing an adequate level of training generally results in more positive and earlier adoption of e-business technology by your members and preferred suppliers.

Large Audience Seminars - We also offer GPO seminars through our GPO Consulting service, which address many important GPO topics, with emphasis on the business advantages of e-procurement, group-wide growth potential, and how to successfully deploy a solution within one’s own organization.

Online Training Videos - NEXTStep is in the process of producing a series of online training videos, scheduled for client release later this year.

GPO Training Services

  • General Feature & Function Walkthrough
  • Detailed NXT-Cloud® Application Training
  • GPO Systems Administrator Training
  • Private 1:1 Member Training
  • GoToMeeting® Remote Online Training
  • GPO Best Practice Seminars
  • Annual Conference Training Support
  • NXT-Cloud® GPO Video Series (Q4 '17)
  • Custom-tailored Training Sessions

GPO Seminars Series

  NEXTStep offers a series of GPO seminars, which are listed in the GPO Consulting Services section of the website. For example, a seminar named "The New E-Commerce Rebate" presents the additional financial incentives that are only available to e-business capable & qualified GPOs; how to qualify for these e-Rebates; and what additional technology rebates can mean to your member's bottom line.