NXT-Cloud® Accounts Administration Services

GPO Accounts Administration provides assistance with the data loading and maintenance of critical GPO company account information utilized by the GPO Commerce Suite.

Data Load & Synchronization - NEXTStep accounts administration staff provide the required expertise, knowledge, and technology tools to ensure account information has been successfully loaded and synchronized across the applications suite and your back-end financial accounting systems.

Complementary Support - NEXTStep will work with your administrative staff to determine how we can best help you to effectively manage the many critical pieces of information about each participating company; how to keep information up-to-date, and how to distribute updated information throughout the trading network.

GPO Accounts Administration Services

  • Setup Member, Supplier, Customer Accounts
  • Setup Main/Bill To/Ship To Locations
  • Setup Company Acct No. (EDI, DUNS#)
  • End-user Access Level Permissions & Login
  • Maintain & Distribute Member Matrix
  • Setup Member Performance Goals
  • Enter Supplier Rebate Program Schedules
  • Synchronize Data Between Applications
  • Distribute Account Information Updates

 NEXTStep provides account administration services support for most of our clients, including our Automotive Parts Aftermarket, client. Account Administration support includes member account setup and maintenance for 24,000+ automotive repair shops. It also includes the data management of GPO Rebate & Rewards Points program schedules, which are used by GPO Rebates to calculate member earned incentives each month.