NXT-Cloud® GPO Portal

GPO Portal provides a private internet website for GPO management to administer, communicate, and securely exchange key business information with members, trading partners, and key clients.

GPO Webpage Templates - provides a robust collection of prebuilt webpage templates and web controls designed specifically for GPOs.

Do-it-yourself Content Management - employs an intuitive administrative interface, enabling GPO staff to create, edit, and post information to the website, requiring only basic html programming experience. The portal features a responsive web design supporting multi-device (browser, tablet, mobile device) access to web portal content anywhere, anytime. GPO Portal is customizable, and can be tailored to meet your specific GPO requirements.

GPO Portal Key Functionality

  • Member Dashboard
  • Member Purchasing History
  • Member Rebate Earnings Reports
  • Preferred Supplier Programs
  • Monthly Specials & Promotions
  • Supplier Location Finder
  • NXT-Cloud® Application Links
  • GPO Membership Benefits
  • GPO Rebates & Rewards Program
  • GPO Training & Tech Tips
  • GPO Articles & Press
  • GPO Events Schedule
  • GPO Frequently Asked Questions
  • GPO Points of Contact
  • and more...

Sharing Critical Business Data

  A GPO’s value to its members can be greatly enriched by providing on-demand accessibility to group-wide and individual purchasing data and how it measures up against a supplier’s growth incentive targets. Sharing of critical business data in a timely and secure manner can greatly increase the chances of a GPO reaching the next rebate tier or bonus growth incentive level; thereby increasing net rebate dollars earned for each participating member of the GPO.

  GPO Portal has been successfully deployed for GPO clients serving the Automotive Aftermarket and Heavy Duty Truck Parts distribution industries. GPO Portal is currently in deployment for our clients in the Power Transmission & Industrial Bearings and Medical Transportation Management Industries.