NXT-Cloud® Website Design & Hosting Services

NXT-Cloud® Website Design & Hosting offers GPO members professional website design and high performance data center hosting services.

Communicate your business message - We work with your marketing department staff to design a website that accurately communicates your company message, product or service offering, and what makes you different to a web of prospective new internet customers.

Content Management - Our websites also feature rich content administration tools, which enable you to make content changes on demand, with very little if any programming experience required.You don’t need to contact NEXTStep to make basic changes to your website; we empower you to Do It Yourself.

GPO Website Design & Hosting Services

  • Professional Website Design
  • Customizable Webpage Templates
  • Industry-related Layouts & Themes
  • Intuitive Webpage Navigation
  • Advanced Webpage Controls
  • Responsive Mobile Design Features
  • “Do It Yourself” Content Management
  • Integrates w/ Google® Analytics
  • Data Center Hosting Services

"Do It Youself" Content Management

  NXT-Cloud® Websites are self-service, featuring website content management tools for you to make basic changes to content without needing to call NEXTStep for support. We empower you to Do It Yourself and take control of your website after we have performed the initial design and content population. Of course, NEXTStep is available to support more complex layouts and feature/function additions to your website, upon request.


Advanced Website Layouts, Navigation, Controls

  Your website will be architected to incorporate intuitive webpage navigation, marketing & advertising carousels, online inquiry forms, Google® Analytics integration, and more. We feature responsive website design options to ensure your website renders correctly on different browsers, tablets, and mobile phone devices. NEXTStep also provides startup webpage layout templates, designed for quick implmentation of your website from start to finish, in 60 days or less.