NXT-Cloud® Mapping Services

NXT-Cloud® Mapping- offers Any-to-Any data mapping of e-procurement transaction sets, i.e. quotes, orders, invoices, ship notices, and acknowledgements, as required between buyer and seller.

Flat File Mapping- NEXTStep specializes in mapping diverse flat file (FF) formatted documents, which have been generated via industry-common business systems, into industry-compliant EDI-X12 and cXML formatted transaction sets.

Operate as a e-GPO Trading Network- Through NEXTStep’s mapping services, your GPO can effectively map the many diverse member business system output files into industry-compliant transaction sets, empowering your group to conduct business as an integrated GPO Trading Network with your suppliers and national account customers.


GPO Mapping Services

  • Any-to-Any Transaction Set Mapping
  • EDI, cXML, Custom Flat File Mapping
  • MS-Excel® CSV Spreadsheet Mapping
  • SQL Data Warehouse ETL
  • Webservice Message Mapping
  • Self-Healing Data Transformations

Extensive Mapping Library

  A major challenge of many GPOs desiring to conduct business electronically with their preferred suppliers and key customer accounts, is their member’s ability to generate and receive industry-standard e-procurement transaction sets from/to their business systems. NEXTStep has successfully mapped transaction sets generated by many of the leading procurement systems to include: Ariba ePro®, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne®, SAP iDoc®, Infor SXE®, Epicor Prophet 21®, AutoPower, DST, DDI, Karmak, Triad System 21/Prism/Ultimate, and more.

  We also specialize in extracting, transforming, and loading MS-Excel® .CSV and custom tab-delimited file formats for upload into the NXT-Cloud® GPO Data Warehouse and several common back-end accounting packages.