NXT-Cloud® GPO Software

NXT-Cloud® GPO Commerce Suite - An enterprise suite of integrated e-business software applications, developed specifically for Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). The software e-enables best practice GPO processes; maximizing the collective buying power and management efficiency of your organization. GPO Commerce Suite is a 100% hosted cloud solution, providing secure 24x7 high-speed software application access to your trading network.

GPO Management Cloud - A collection of GPO management and administration applications supporting: accounts administration; rebate management; data analytics & reporting; central billing & payment; online group communications & information sharing, and more.

GPO e-Business Cloud - A collection of GPO e-business applications supporting: B2B document exchange; data compliance; Ariba® draft cart & punch out integration; multi-vendor marketplaces & merchant web stores; and GPO-tailored mobile applications.

Transform your buying group into an e-business powered trading network with the NXT-Cloud® GPO Commerce Suite! Email us today at info@nxtstp.com for more info.

GPO Management Cloud

GPO e-Business Cloud