NXT-Cloud® Custom S/W Development Services

NXT-Cloud® Custom Software Development provides access to NEXTStep's software architects and coders; supplying customized software features and functionality as needed to meet your unique business requirements.

One size does not fit all! - At NEXTStep we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to commercially sold software. Your GPO trading network is unique as should be your software. Our GPO Commerce Suite software generally provides 85%+ of GPO desired functionality right out of the box. The other 15% is satisfied through custom software development services.

We enjoy the challenge! - We eagerly look forward to working with your management team to develop new and exciting functionality that achieves your specific business, process, and technology requirements.

Custom S/W Development Services

  • Custom GPO App. Development
  • Custom Rebate Calculations
  • Custom Sys. Integration Mapping
  • Custom Analytics & Reports Building
  • Custom MS-SQL Server® Design
  • Custom iPhone & Android Mobile Apps.
  • C#, VB, Python, Ajax Coding
  • HTML, XML, JavaScript, FTP Scripting
  • Real-time Web Service Coding

Professional S/W Application Development

 Custom Software Development services are offered to GPO headquarters as well as individual member companies requiring custom software application development support. We specialize in areas of: B2B/B2C e-commerce, website/webstore development, data warehousing/analysis/reporting, rebate management, business system integration software and more.

  NEXTStep’s software architects and coders are readily available to discuss your unique software application requirements and present your management team with multiple approaches towards achieving your unique business goals and requirements.