NXT-Cloud® GPO Marketplace

GPO Marketplace standardizes the procurement process, by supplying a private online marketplace (multi-vendor shopping mall) platform for GPO members to purchase products from preferred suppliers via a single uniform website. The marketplace features a single URL and sign-on, common multi-catalog search, standard navigation, detailed product descriptions, universal checkout process, and more.

Online Shopping - GPO Marketplace enables all members to purchase electronically, thereby increasing order accuracy and reducing order processing costs for supplier partners. GPO Marketplace supplies one website, one login, and one consistent ordering process.

One Website - GPO Marketplace supplies one website, one login, and one consistent ordering process.

GPO Marketplace Key Functionality

  • GPO Private-labeled Marketplace
  • Cross-catalog Product Search
  • Multi-vendor Shopping Cart
  • Robust Product Descriptions & Attributes
  • Real-time Pricing & Item Availability
  • Universal Purchasing Experience
  • Order Pad Express P/N Entry
  • Made-to-Order (MTO) Order Form
  • Min Order/Prepaid Freight Buyer Alerts
  • On-Account and Credit Card Payment
  • Order Auto-routing to Supplier
  • EDI, cXML, PDF Order Output Formats

Advanced Webstore Technology

  NXT-Cloud® GPO Marketplace incorporates some of the latest advances in webstore technology, including several unique features and functionality designed specifically for GPOs and multi-store private shopping mall type marketplaces. For example, GPO Marketplace allows products from multiple suppliers to be placed into same shopping cart for ease of shopping. At checkout, the items are auto-separated into individual shopping carts, allowing supplier-specific checkout options to be offered to the buyer.

   GPO Marketplace is being extensively used by GPO clients serving the Power Transmission, Heavy Duty Truck Parts, and Refuse Collections Industries. Our latest deployment is a 15,000 Vehicle-strong GPO client serving the Medical Transportation Management industry.


Increase Rebates with GPO Marketplace

   Buyer-Seller Value - NXT-Cloud® GPO Marketplace empowers your group to become a less costly and more technically savvy business partner to your preferred suppliers; reducing order processing costs for your supplier, which in turn can be proportionally passed onto your members in the form of an add-on e-commerce rebate or electronic order discount at the time of sale.

   1% Add-on Rebate - It’s not uncommon to receive an additional 1% discount or rebate for sending electronic orders. For example, if your GPO preferred program purchases are $250M annually, the added e-commerce rebate would equal an additional $2.5M in rebate earnings for your members.