NXT-Cloud® GPO B2B Exchange

GPO B2B Exchange enables your member companies to electronically exchange business documents; i.e. quotes, purchase orders, advance ship notices, invoices, etc. with their preferred suppliers trading partners, while capturing and warehousing procurement data for GPO headquarters usage. Competitor exchanges simply move transaction sets between buyer and seller; NEXTStep does much more.

GPO Data Warehouse - All transaction set data is extracted at the data element level and loaded into your GPO Data Warehouse. This detail level data may then be used to support strategic decision making and supplier program negotiations, calculate rebates earned in real-time, track how close the group is to achieving the next volume rebate tier, and much more. GPO B2B Exchange is equipped with a high throughput document translator and Microsoft SQL-Server® data warehouse.

GPO B2B Exchange Key Functionality

  • NXT-Cloud® B2B Document Translator
  • X12-EDI, cXML, Any-to-Any Maps
  • Microsoft SQL-Server® Data Warehouse
  • Ipswitch® WS_FTP Secure File Transfer
  • NXT-Cloud® Exchange Administrator
  • GPO B2B Document Manager Website
  • B2B Document View, Print, Download
  • Trading Partner Account Management
  • GPO Express Document Webforms

Detail-level Data Capture

   One common attribute of many successful GPOs is their ability to capture and leverage group-wide data as a distinct competitive advantage; enabling quicker and more accurate decision-making capabilities that are based on real-time facts. For example, providing accessibility to group-wide purchasing data and how it measures up against supplier growth incentive targets, can greatly increase the chances of your GPO reaching the next rebate tier or bonus growth incentive level; thereby increasing net rebate dollars earned by participating members.


High-throughput Transaction Processing

   NXT-Cloud® GPO B2B Exchange is responsible for processing over $1B of transaction sets annually for several industry-leading GPOs.