NXT-Cloud ® GPO Rebates

GPO Rebates is an enterprise level rebates management solution, tailored specifically for GPO's to more cost effectively manage supplier rebate programs. The hosted cloud solution supports a paperless approach to rebates management, supporting online rebates administration, data analysis, and reporting functionality.

24x7 Online Accessibility - All rebate reports are accessible 24x7 online and can be dispatched by email. Traditional financial spreadsheets are replaced/supplemented with a high-capacity SQL-Server® database, which was designed specifically to support preferred supplier rebate program management.

Reduce Administration Costs - If you would like to reduce rebate administration costs and transition to a more modern rebates management platform, NEXTStep has your solution. Go paperless today, reduce manual data entry errors, increase rebate reporting accuracy, conduct supplier rebate audits, and more...

GPO Rebates Key Functionality

  • Rebates Administrator Application
  • Rebates Management Data Warehouse
  • Rebate Schedule & Rules Calculation Engine
  • Supplier Statement Spreadsheet Import
  • B2B Exchange Invoice Data Import
  • Statement vs. Real-time Invoice Auditor
  • Reports Distribution E-Mail Scheduler
  • Buyer Purchases & Rebate Earnings
  • Seller Sales & Rebate Distribution
  • Rebate Growth Report
  • Rebate Forfeitures Report
  • Statement vs. Real-time Audit Report
  • Rebate Payables & Fees Report
  • 18-Month Purchasing History Report
  • Custom Client-defined Reports

GO Paperless

  GPO Rebates provides a paperless solution for over 24,000 repair shops in the automotive aftermarket parts industry. All rebate reports are accessible online and may be dispatched by email, removing the timely and expensive process of manually sending paper statements. Along with GPO Mobile, GPO members and suppliers are provided anywhere-anytime access to timely rebate information via Apple iPhone® & iPad®, Google Android®, and Microsoft Surface® tablet devices.

 GPO Rebates has been successfully deployed for many industries including: Food Services, Industrial Packaging, Janitorial-Sanitary, Automotive Parts, and Heavy Duty Truck Parts.