About NEXTStep Commerce

NEXTStep Commerce, Inc., based in the DC Metro Area, is a top provider of Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) cloud software and services. NEXTStep's line of GPO-centric solutions enable GPOs to increase their operational efficiency and maximize supplier loyalty program returns to their members.

GPO Cloud Software - NEXTStep offers an enterprise suite of GPO software, developed specifically to e-business enable the critical procurement, administrative, and management oversight functions of your GPO.

GPO Cloud Services - We offer a full range of GPO services, providing the necessary hosting infrastructure and experienced staff resources to operate and maintain your e-business technology investment.

GPO Experience - Our GPO software has been successfully deployed throughout many industries, offering your GPO 15+ years of GPO solutions experience and a wealth of successful implementation knowledge.

Whether you are looking into starting a new buying group or are a seasoned GPO trading network, NEXTStep offers "tailored-to-fit" e-business solutions that can be customized to best achieve your group's business objectives, functional requirements, and technology budget.

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NEXTStep Highlights

  • Complete Turn-key GPO Solution
  • 100% Cloud-hosted Platform
  • 11 GPO Software Applications
  • Group Buy-side & Sell-side Solutions
  • $1B+ of GPO Transactions Annually
  • Rebate Solution for 24,000+ Auto Shops
  • Profitable Business for over 15 Years
  • Multi-industry Deployments
  • Experienced Support Staff
  • Innovative Web Designs & Solutions
  • Flexible “Tailored-to-Fit” Options
  • Recognized GPO Leader by CIOReview

NEXTStep Difference

NEXTStep’s key market differentiator is providing a complete turn-key enterprise suite of GPO Software applications; offering GPO-centric modules that support and e-enable the major business functions of a GPO. Our solutions can be “tailored-to-fit” your unique requirements and business objectives. NEXTStep's GPO Commerce Suite is a 100% data center-hosted cloud solution, providing your trading network with high speed access to "best-of-class" GPO application functionality and your critical business data.

NEXTStep Team

NEXTStep was founded by Robert Skyler, an e-business solutions manager from Litton Enterprise Solutions in 2002. He has put together a team of seasoned GPO technology and administrative experts; offering our clients extensive business, process, and technology insight; which has proven to be invaluable to startup buying groups through the most seasoned of GPO trading networks. NEXTStep’s culture of innovation and ability to rapidly integrate new & innovative functionality into our GPO software suite; offers you the unique opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and continuously provide measurable financial value to your member companies.

NEXTStep Contact

Call NEXTStep today at 703-669-4202/03 or email us at info@nxtstp.com to find out more about our NXT-Cloud® GPO Commerce Software and GPO Cloud Services.