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NEXTStep Commerce, Inc.

NEXTStep Commerce, Inc is a leading e-Business Solutions Provider offering innovative "tailored-to-fit" group commerce solutions & services to Buying Groups, Cooperatives, Franchises, and Industry Trading Networks.  NEXTStep's software platforms are designed to streamline, transform, and automate business processes, which are critical to the success of your buying group or e-procurement organization.

NEXTStep's ProNet Group Commerce Suite and FranchisorPro platforms provide web-enabled and operational cost-saving solutions in the key areas of:

  • Vendor Programs Management
  • Rebates & Loyalty Incentives Management
  • Member Communications and Programs Promotion
  • Group-wide Program Data Capture, Analysis, and Reporting
  • B2B Electronic Document Exchange with Trading Partrners

Buying Group Software

Buying Group Services
NEXTStep offers a robust suite of commercial group commerce applications, which leverage the Internet to provide a very cost-effective approach to conducting business electronically. More
  • Draft Cart Cloud - eProcurement Solution
  • ProNet Group Commerce Suite - Buying Group Suite
  • ProNet Community - Group Portal Solution
  • ProNet B2B Exchange - B2B Document Exchange
  • ProNet Marketplace - Supplier Products Marketplace
  • ProNet Merchant - Merchant Online Storefront
  • ProNet National Accounts - National Accts Manager
  • ProNet Promotions - Marketing Promotions Builder
  • ProNet Rebates - Rebate Management System
  • ProNet Reports - Group Data Analysis & Reporting
  • FranchisorPro - Franchisor Commerce Suite 
  • NEXTStep offers professional IT consulting services to support the planning, implementation, and maintenance of your group commerce solutions. More
  • IT Consulting - Prog Mgt, Req Def, GAP, RFP, ROI
  • Trading Network Svcs - Mgt, Integration, Operations
  • Buying Group Svcs - Membership & Program Dev
  • Application Hosting - e-Commerce, Stores, Websites
  • Document Mapping - Any-to-Any Data Mapping
  • Systems Integration - ERP & Legacy Systems
  • Data Warehousing - Data Marts, Mining, Reporting
  • Software Programming - ASP.NET/C#/HTML/SQL
  • Catalog Development - Merchant Stores & Markets
  • Website Design - Corporate Websites & Portals
  • Franchise Industry e-Procurement Solutions
    ProNet Community ProNet Rebates ProNet Marketplace ProNet Reports
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    Industry Experience - NEXTStep's FranchisorPro suite serves to manage hundreds of vendor programs for The Dwyer Group, which is comprised of several national franchise brands representing over 1250 franchisee locations.

    FranchisorPro serves as their "technology platform of choice" for managing vendor programs and deploying B2B group commerce functionality.

    Call us today at (703) 669-4202 or e-mail to for more information about FranchisorPro.

    NEXTStep's FranchisorPro platform provides franchisor's with a robust e-procurement solution, which enables franchisees to purchase essential items and services from preferred vendors over the Internet. FranchisorPro will quickly transform your franchisees into tech-savvy buyers, which are qualified to receive substantail price discounts, back-end cash rebates, and other loyalty incentives; only available to large-volume purchasers capable of conducting business electronically (B2B ordering/invoicing/payment).

    Your management team will be empowered with a suite of Preferred Vendor Management tools, which provide secure 24X7 access to critical franchise-wide purchasing data, vendor program analysis & reporting tools, rebate management system, and much more... 

    Benefits realized by franchisees using FranchisorPro:

    • Streamlined and More Efficient Procurement Processes
    • Reduced Vendor Program Administration Costs
    • Better Program Rebates & Incentive Programs
    • Lower Total Cost on Essential Goods & Services
    • On Demand Access to Group-wide Data & Reporting
    • Improved Mgt Decision-Making & Negotiations 
    • Stonger Trading Partner Relationships
    • More Accurate & Timely Rebate Management  
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